Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Just Some Background Music

When it comes time that I want to write I usually sit down at my desk open WORD, plug in my head phones, go to Youtube, and start to write!!!  I use Youtube a lot and one of the things I do on it is listen to background music while writing.  So, I thought I would share with you all some of my favorite background music.  Enjoy!

( I LOVE this one!! )

( I'm not Scottish but this is pretty cool! )

( I just found this one and it's pretty cool! )

( I really like Michele McLaughlin's album called A Celtic Dream! ) 

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~ So now you NEED to sit down and just write as you listen to some new background music, right?  Do you listen to background music while writing or am I the only one?  If you're like me and like to listen to background music while writing, what's your favorite kind of background music? ~
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Friday, February 16, 2018

My Kind Of Style

Everyone has a different kind of style they like and most of the time it doesn't change.  So today I want to show you all my kind of style.  Are you ready?  Read on!!!

Cowboy Boots
I love cowboy boots!  Since I live with boys, on a farm, and in the country, I, of course have a pair of cowboy boots.  But my boots aren't plastic they are from my own local western store.  They're a Justin boot style SVL7316

(I know, the picture is really bad but at least you can see what they look like.)

Jean Skirts
Looking forward to Fresh Apparel's new line of denim skirts!! | Fresh Modesty | Be Back September 1st! #modestoutfit #freshapparel
Jean skirts are practical, awesome, and so worth the money.  I have a pretty good amount of jean skirts.  Some long and some short.  They are comfortable for a causal day at home and practical for a busy day in town.  I also have a shiny western belt for showing my goats.  That's awesome to wear with a jean skirt!
Here are a few more jean skirts and cowboy boot outfits that I really like on Pinterest!

Totally love it!

Love this outfit with the cowboy boots!

Cute, but different shoes for me..."outfit for Grace" by samanthahac on Polyvore

Time to Go to Church
Here are some dressy outfits that I really like from Pinterest:

Easter Sunrise by bblackwill on Polyvore featuring H&M
I LOVE this outfit!!!

Cute complete Summer outfit...Long maxi  skirt

Love the skirt
I don't really like the sandals on the right but the ones on the left look really cute.

Fresh Modesty: Fall Fashions

Work Out Time

Perfect for a walk with the dog...

Modest workout clothes
I really like this look!

~ So, do you see what my style is like?  What's your style like?  Are you a fan of cowboy boots and jean skirts?  What was your favorite outfit?  Do you use Pinterest a lot?  Talk to me!  I LOVE comments! ~
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Monday, February 12, 2018

Book Review / Beorn the Proud

I finished reading my first book for 2018!  It was called Beorn the Proud written by Madeleine Poland.  When I was at my grandparent's house the other day I saw this book on their coffee table and it immediately caught my eye!  I borrowed it from them and started reading it in December.
The book is about a chief's son, Beorn, and a chief's daughter, Ness.  While on a raid Beorn captures Ness and makes her his slave.  She has to leave her country and her home.  Her family were dead and all she had was her mother's cross.  After an adventure on the seas of raiding monasteries they go back to Beorn's home land.
Ness falls into the habits of her new life and whenever she get's the opportunity she tries to tell Beorn about her God.  With Beorn now heir to the throne he is has to be careful of his cousin who wants to take the throne.  One day as Ness is busy in her duties she overhears a plan of taking the kingdom.  That's when the real adventure begins.  Beorn's pride, Ness's feelings, and most of all Beorn's salvation.

This book was really interesting and kept me turning the pages eagerly.  It was so interesting that I even got blueberry on it because I was eating a blueberry shake when I needed to turn the page.  Oops, I hope my Grandma doesn't mind the blue finger print that is now on her book.  Also, my brothers were shocked that I could read it on the way to church, with all my brothers' talking I'm surprised too.  It was definitely a book that kept my attention and interest.

Even though she called herself a Christian in the book she did a few things that I didn't feel totally Biblical.  Nothing in the book was bad but I just didn't agree with all of it.  Other than that, it was great!  Also, the book was probably a little young for me but I liked it anyway.

I recommend this book for those who like historical fiction.  It has a lot of good information about Viking lifestyle.  I learned a lot more about Vikings and I'm excited to read more about them.

Let's Talk πŸ“š
~ Have you ever read this book?  Do you like reading historical fiction?  What about Viking books, do like reading about them?  I hope you liked this review and will leave a comment about it. ~

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Thursday, February 8, 2018

The Two Titles // Ice Skating

Okay, here's the titles and a little bit about the books.  I can't wait to tell you!!

Captors In The Castle
Main Character - Princess Alaina lives in the mythical Fairlot at Red Castle.  She's the daughter of King Henry and Queen Alice and is best friends with Cassie, daughter of Sir Weston and Lady Amy.
The Book -   Princes Alaina is a 14 year old girl who lives in medieval times.  For some reason messages that King Henry, Alaina's father, send out don't always get through.  Also, King Henry doesn't seem his normal, happy self.   How will this affect Alaina as she goes along with her normal life as a princess?  But the message problem isn't the only thing that's happening in the castle.  Alaina's goat, Buttercup is pregnant and Aliana really wants a doe.  Will God say 'yes', 'no', or 'wait'?  As Alaina and Cassie learn more and more they find out Sir Markus is involved with the captors!  Is Sir Markus a part of Aldwin's men?  What will the girls do and will they get the invaders out of the castle in time for the big feast the king has planned?   Join Alaina as she learns to have courage and be able to wait on the Lord.  
When will I publish it?  I'm reading over the finished work of Captors In The Castle and then after my mom reads it (she's like my editor) I'll hopefully get it published.  I'm really excited about it and I can't wait to see it in print!

The First Mission
Main Character - Lady Cassie lives in the mythical Fairlot at Red Castle.  She the daughter of Sir Weston (body guard of King Henry) and Lady Amy (lady-in-waiting to Queen Alice).
The Book - This book is still in progress.  I don't even want to tell you what it is about because that might change.  😏  I'm having fun writing this book and hopefully one day it will be a series!!

~ ~ ~ ~

Ice Skating!!!
Yesterday my family went ice skating with 2 other families for a home school field trip.  It was SO much fun but also very cold!  I didn't really realize how cold it was going to be.  😝  But even through the coldness I had so much fun.  I've never gone ice skating at a real ice skating rink so it was pretty awesome to do it for the first time.  I only fell one time and it really wasn't that bad.  My brothers were falling all over the place but I think that was because they were trying hard stuff (like spinning!!!!).  I was also reminded again that you can have friends of ALL ages.  You see, my really good friend couldn't come and I was the only teenage girl in the group.  I'm kind of use to being the only teenage girl and I've totally gotten use to it.  But at ice skating I met a little girl (about 7-9 I'm not sure how old she is) who I ice skated with and talked to the whole time.  It was so much fun to ice skate with a friend!  I think we're going to become penpals.  😊  I always forget that you can have friends of all ages!

~ Have you ever gone ice skating?  How well did you do?  What do you think of the names of my books?  Do they make you want to read my books?  Are you working on a book?  I can't wait to hear from you all!!  ~

Lily πŸ–‰

Thursday, February 1, 2018

A Mission for Corporal Jack / Part 3 of 3


Are you ready for the ending??????!!!!!!  READ ON!!!!
              As I laid with eyes closed and breathing shallow I heard the footsteps stop next to me.  Deciding I might as well open my eyes I did so with as much surprise as to give an old man a heart attack.
            “Are you okay?”  Andy asked looking down at me, Paul standing next to him.  I didn’t say a word, putting my good arm up he grabbed it and pulled me up. 
             “You scared me half to death.  I thought for sure you were a Jap.”  Then the thought came to me.  “What in the world are you doing here!”  I looked at Andy and Paul angrily.  I had told them not to come with me but apparently, they did not listen. 
            “We knew you needed us and we’re a good team.  Our men will be stationed at headquarters for five days so that should give us plenty of time to help you and go back.  Anyways, even if we didn’t get back soon enough they’re left in good hands.” 
            “I can’t stop you now.  So, here we are together, let’s get on with our mission.”  I pointed toward the hut.  “Is it abandoned?”  Andy nodded, and we started for a cleared area where we stopped and started discussing our course of action. 

“Corporal Jack, Corporal Andy I thought I saw something on the ridge.”  Paul hissed at us.  We all hit the ground and army crawled toward the hut where we sat down.  “I know I saw someone up there.  How many, I don’t know…”  I stretched my legs out as I tried to think of something to do. 
“Well, I don’t see anyone anymore.”  Andy said as he studied the ridge.  We sat there in that hut for quite a while.  I took that time to rest and think.
“Alright, I’ve got a plan.”  I said as I looked at Andy, then Paul.  “I’ll run out there first.  As soon as I start across the creek you two come out next, Andy then Paul.  We’ll cross the creek and lay on that slope.  We’ll figure out what to do after that.”  I did a little smirk then got up and headed to the door.  “You know where the message is, right?”  They nodded.  “If they get me then get the message to Sergeant Andrew.”
“Are you sure about this Jack?  Are you sure you should go out first?”  Andy asked as he got up out of his seat and took a step to me.  He looked almost sad.  We had been friends for a long time.  A lot of close calls had come to us both but something in me told me that I was going to finish this mission.  “Yes, Major picked me for this mission, so I should be the one to take the most risk.  Let’s go men.”  With that I ran out the door and down a slope to the creek.  The creek had only a little water and I crossed it easily.

            I turned and watched Andy and Paul as they ran down the slight slope and crossed the creek.  No shots were heard but I knew there were about two men in a cluster of pine trees.  “They’re in that cluster of pine trees.  Andy, you go to the right, Paul, you go to the left.”  They gave me a quick nod and snuck away silently.  I gave them a few minutes then I got up and walked to the pines where they were standing waiting for me.
            “Camp Red Roof is right there.”  Andy said pointing to the camp about 200 yards away from us.  “We got through part of the blockade and now we just have to run through that clear spot and into one of those buildings.” 

            It was totally clear and all we could do was run and hope for the best.  After carefully walking to the clear spot Andy gave us the signal and we took off towards the camp.  Bullets shot all around us.  We weaved left to right, left to right, hopping to dodge some of the bullets.  Paul, faster than us, made it to the camp first.  I thought we were going to too until I heard Andy yell out in pain.  He dropped on the ground and rolled while grasping his leg.  I spun around, not thinking, and ran to him. 
            “No, Go!”  He shouted wildly.  I didn’t listen to him.  Grabbing a hold to his arm I helped him up then started half dragging him to a building.  Almost falling into the door, I gasped for air.  “Andy, I believe we have just made it through another close call.”

            Gritting his teeth, he managed to say, “Yes, yes, I believe we have.”  I smiled widely.  Mission complete!  

(Do you see my brother behind me?  He has his gun on my shoulder. :))

Let's Talk πŸ‘πŸ‘Ž
~ What do you think of the ending?  Were you expecting that ending?  Did you think Andy was going to die?  My brother, who played Andy, wanted him to die but I decided not to have him die because I don't like those kinds of story endings.  Well, I'm pretty sure I'm going to tell you all my 2 book names in the next post.  Sorry I haven't yet but I wanted to do this story first. ~

Lily πŸ–‰

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

A Mission for Corporal Jack / Part 2 of 3

Here's the next part of my story that I wrote!  If you haven't read the first part of it just go back a post.  All pictures were taken by my brother and me (from in our woods).

As soon as the sun was out I was too.   A thin layer of snow was on the ground and I hoped it wouldn’t be a hindrance to my mission.  I took the main road knowing that I would probably meet some of our troops along the way.  I was right, Andy and Paul were just coming back from a small fight.  Their men were resting at the main headquarters and I got to talk to them privately. 
“We took over Aim Men Bluff with only a 10-man casualty.” 
“Good.  I’m heading out to deliver a message to Corporal Andrew.”  Then, to my displeasure, I told Andy and Paul where the message was on me and if they found my body to get the message to sergeant Andrew. 
“We’ll go with you.”  Andy said
“No, no.”  I said shaking my head, “The major gave me this mission not you.   I don’t want to endanger your lives on this mission.  You’ve got men to lead and wars to win.” 
Andy shrugged with a smirk on this face, “Okay” He knew there was no need to argue.  When I make up my mind nothing can stop me. 

I told them I had to go and after giving them each a hand shake I was off the road and heading towards enemy lines.  After a few hours I came across barbwire.  I stepped over the line of barb wire carefully.   Walking up a slope I slowly scanned the woods.  My gun was ready, and I was alert.  I walked for hours not seeing anything.  It was going really well till a shot ran out and a bullet grazed my shoulder.  Immediately I hit the ground and started crawling to a grove of trees.  There I pulled out a bandana and pressed it against my bleeding shoulder.  It wasn’t bad at all just scratched me.  Shots rang out from my right, so I laid against a tree and hoped that they thought I was dead.  They must have, for after a few minutes they stopped.  Unfortunately, it was getting dark and I knew I was going to have to spend the night right where I was.  So, staying where I was I fell into a deep sleep. 

When I finally awoke I felt stiff and cold.  I couldn’t believe that I made it through the night without freezing to death.  I started to rise when I remembered the bullet that had grazed me.  I fell back down and untied the bandana.  It looked okay but not good.  I sighed and looking around.  To my amazement I saw a hut about a hundred yards from me.  Was it Japanese?  I had no idea.  ‘I’ll just go a little closer, it could be abandoned’ I told myself. 

Standing up I started slowly to the hut until I heard, to my terror, an air craft flying above me.  I hit the ground and winced at the pain in my shoulder.  The air craft didn’t drop anything, but I still laid there expecting another one to go by.  My heart sunk, not because of another air craft but because of a snap of a twig and the sound of footsteps coming my way.  Was it a Japanese patrol or guard dog?  I tried to slow my breathing so to look as if I was dead.  As the foot steps got closer I said my last prayer and closed my eyes.  

Let's Talk πŸ’¬
~ What do you think so far?  I'll be posting the next part tomorrow...  Do you like the pictures my brother and I took the other day while playing in the woods?  They're not the nicest but I think they look cool! ~

P.S. If you have a dog you might really like this giveaway that My Golden Journey is doing.  I hope you will check it out!! 

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Monday, January 29, 2018

A Mission for Corporal Jack / Part 1 of 3

Hi Everyone!  I have a special treat for you all!  First let me tell you some background...  Just the other day my brothers and I were playing war, it was really fun!   Anyways, when we were done playing a great idea popped in my head.  I should write what we just did!  My brothers and I had just played war with a great plot so, it would work perfectly!!  The surroundings are from my family's woods (a few places are from our neighbor's woods) and I don't know a lot about war so I had to do some research.  The only reason why I picked the Japanese to fight against was because that was just the first enemy my brother thought of.  Also, I took all the pictures.  😁  So here's part 1 of 3 of my story 'A Mission for Corporal Jack'...


As I, Corporal Jack, walked into the major’s tent I knew I wasn’t getting an ordinary mission.  What was one of my ordinary missions?  Well, it’s pretty much just taking my men out as back up, or as I like to say, on plan ‘B’ operations.  We are always the last choice because we bring the last hope.  My men are especially trained.  They can circle around a group of men in less than 20 minutes.  Yes, I’m sure there’s someone out there that can do better but as for this small war, we’re the best. 

Anyways, back to my business at the major’s tent…  He was sitting at a small table next to his worn cot.  It wasn’t a cozy tent just a place to sleep, eat, and give out orders.  “Corporal Jack,” He said as I sat down on a chair he offered me.  “I have a message for Sergeant Andrew that I need delivered.  He’s at camp red roof but unfortunately his camp is surrounded by Japanese who wants all of them dead.  Only a few have made it in or out.  They have plenty of food, water, and ammunition so they’re just waiting for a small army to pass by and frighten the japs away.  As soon as they’re free they have to come over here and fight with us.  But that’s later and right now I need you to take this message to camp red roof and give it to Sergeant Andrew.”  He handed me a folded piece of paper.  “What ever you do don’t let the Japanese get this!” 

“Yes, sir” I said as I gripped the paper.  I wasn’t going to let it go.  Pointing at the map on the table he showed me where the camp was and the best way to get there.  I studied that map hard.  This was an important mission, I wasn’t going to fail.  Let me tell you, it didn’t look that hard and wondered why the major had picked me.  After all, not to be proud but, I was one of his best men.  I packed light for the mission, hoping it would only take 10 hours to get there, but little did I know what lie ahead.  


So this is like an introduction to the story but don't worry!  I get better!!  I had so much fun writing this and I hope this story inspires you all.  
Let's Talk πŸ“
~ Are you excited to read the next part of the story?! Do you have brothers? If so, do you ever play army or war with them? Where you live, do you have woods around you? I love my family's woods, it's so much fun to play in! ~